Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've recently become obsessed with photography; which means I follow a lot of photography blogs. Not only are the photos interesting, but quite a few add their personal life to it (I tend to gravitate towards those with 3 or more boys for some reason). Some are hilarious, some are boring, some are sad. In the above pic is boy #4 of Natalie Norton, Gavin, who died of whooping cough at two and a half months young. This stuck with me as my wife is due with boy #3 in early October -- cold and flu and RSV season.

Did you know there's a whooping cough outbreak? Yep. I'm not posting this to tell everybody to get their children vaccinated or start doing vaccinations for yourself, I'm posting for the sake of creating awareness (to all 3 of my known regular readers, ha!).

Did you know (for those who do vaccinate), that 80% of children who get the whooping cough get it from family members because they haven't gotten the booster shot? Did you know there was a booster shot? I didn't. It's the TDAP vaccine, needed every 10 years. Get it.

Did you know that when adults have the whooping cough, they don't whoop, but just have a lingering cough, and unknowingly and easily pass that on to infants who can't be vaccinated yet?

So, yeah...